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Zoi® is a revolutionary coach app with small-size wearable sensors


Healthy and fast runners

It is not a secret – the most of us run with a poor technique and it hurts. Overuse injuries are a significant problem among runners – with half of all runners sustaining an injury annually. Running is a high impact sport and recreational runners should be keen on finding better running technique for their own benefit. Our mission is to make skillful, healthy and fast runners.

Your benefits

Good running skills and correct biomechanics are the best guarantee for the prevention of these injuries and they are in a more important role than running shoes. Correct running technique also allows you to run faster, with better running economy, keep motivation high and enjoy running more.


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Zoi sensors are Bluetooth® Smart compatible. Zoi® Run app will be available for iPhone 4S (and later), and Android devices. The sales package includes: one Zoi running sensor, one mounting cradle and one charging cable.

Zoi –  ideal for recreational runners

Zoi® is a revolutionary product for all runners. The product analyses running technique and performance in multiple ways, and guides to improve your running technique with personalized exercises. Runners are able to compare and share their running characteristics with their friends.


Zoi is intended to recreational runners who want to train smarter. The running analysis works perfectly outdoor conditions and on treadmill. Zoi measures movement untiringly and continuously follows your progress and gives useful information.


Zoi gives exact information about your running characteristics, running economy and injury risks.  Are you heel-striking, Are you overstriding,  how long strides are, how well you move in balance, how much you are bouncing. Zoi is your personal running lab that works in every environment.


Zoi sensors are wireless, lightweight and they mount to the laces of your running shoe and to the chest strap. This unique set-up makes Zoi to gather more complete biomechanics data than any other wearable solution.


Zoi gives live instructions for the current workout and reminds possible problems in your running with gentle, cheering and encouraging comments.


Individual training plans based on the goal, current fitness and running technique level. The plans are being designed by professional running coaches and technique experts.


All exercises are stored into Zoi training log. It is possible to import/export the exercise data to existing web-based sports diaries.


The Zoi Run app supports standard Bluetooth Smart heart rate monitors. We are actively looking for opportunities to integrate other advanced sport sensor solutions to Zoi.


You can share workouts and technique evaluation information via Facebook, Twitter or email to your friends, physician or coach.


January 07, 2016


Runteq Oy keräsi osakeannissa enkeli- ja piensijoittajilta Zoi®-juoksutuotteensa markkinoille viemiseen 87 000 euron oman pääoman rahoituksen. ”Olemme erittäin tyytyväisiä osakeannin tulokseen. Osakeantimme ylimerkittiin 15 prosentilla. Jatkamme nyt määrätietoisesti Zoi-tuotteemme viemistä… Read More

January 27, 2016

Kestävyysjuoksija Jarkko Järvenpää Rion olympiamaratonille tamperelaisen Runteq Oy:n tukemana

Rion olympiamaratonille tähtäävä kestävyysjuoksija Jarkko Järvenpää ja tamperelainen liikuntateknologiayhtiö Runteq Oy ovat aloittaneet sponsoriyhteistyön. Jarkko Järvenpään tavoite on arvokisamenestys ensi kesän Amsterdamin yleisurheilun EM-kisoissa ja Rion kesäolympialaisissa. Runteq Oy aloittaa… Read More

November 11, 2015


The unlike running app helps recreational runners with their running tedchnique. The Zoi® multisports kinematics sensor is available for pre-booking.  TAMPERE, Finland – November 11, 2015. Today, Runteq Ltd announces the… Read More


At The Running Lab we rely on the latest technology to assess runners with injuries. As well as using 3d motion analysis, 2d video analysis and pedobarography our analysis would be incomplete without the key metrics that Zoi sensors provide. The Zoi provides instantaneous feedback for me and the runner. That is an essential part of the rehabilitation process.

Christian Poole
Running Rehabilitation & Performance Coach / The Running Lab
MSc in Applied Biomechanics

At the clinic for lower extremities we are using high speed cameras to analyse the running technique. To give the runners more details about their running technique we use high quality Runteq system beside the visual feedback to avoid and to solve foot/lower extremities problems.

Petri Väyrynen
Physiotherapist, specialized in podiatry
Master of Health Science
Aktiivi Fysioterapia Tampere Ltd

We have been using Runteq professional testing system for a long time already. This type of information is simply not available from any other system. I am happy to hear, that the Zoi system is comning now available for anyone. I can absolutely recommend it to all runners from beginners to marathonists.

Marko Haverinen
Director of Testing Lab
Varala Sports Institute
PhD Student
Science of Sport Coaching and Fitness Testing in University of Jyväskylä

Many of us, more serious, runners have had gait analyses done. Often the feedback is great but once you have adapted your technique another expensive visit may well be required. Other manufacturers have introduced some simple metrics into their newer running watches but RUNTEQ take it one step further with sensors you can wear for each session to monitor adaptations to many more elements of technique over time. The added benefit is that the RUNTEQ app spots a fault AND then tells you what to do about it there and then. Cool.

I started to run two years ago, and bought all the possible devices and apps available for running. And all I got was information how hard and often I have been running. Only Zoi tells me how I’m running.

Pekko Vehviläinen
PhD, Analytics and Mobility Expert
“Most Quantified Man in Finland”

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