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healthy and fast runners

It is not a secret - the most of us run with a bad technique and it hurts. Overuse injuries are a significant problem among runners - with half of all runners sustaining an injury annually. Running is a high impact sport and recreational runners should be keen on finding better running technique for their own benefit. Our mission is to make skillful, healthy and fast runners. We are introducing  a family of revolutionary running technique and skill monitors and services.

Your Benefits

Good running skills and correct biomechanics are the best guarantee for the prevention of these injuries and they are in a more important role than running shoes.  Correct running technique also allows you to run faster (with better running economy), keep motivation high and enjoy running more.

RUNTEQ measures, analyses and interprets your running skills and technique with two small wearable sensors, smartphone and the web service.

RUNTEQ utilizes the precision inertial sensors for detecting your movements. Tiny sensors are attached to the chest strap and on top of the running shoe. The smartphone collects the data for further analysis. After the exercise, you can check your results in your smartphone or on our Web service. The analysis lists your key running score and metrics and gives you personal instructions on how to develop your running form and skills. The analysis can be shared with friends and a coach.


Zoi for recreational runners


RUNTEQ™ is developing a revolutionary product for all runners. The product analyses running performance in multiple ways, and guides to improve your running technique with personalized exercises. Runners are able to compare and share their running characteristics with their friends.

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Blog and News

Latest Posts

Osakeanti 13.11. – 12.12.2014


Runteq Oy:n hallitus on ylimääräisen yhtiökokouksen antaman valtuutuksen perusteella päättänyt toteuttaa osakeannin. Runteq Oy tarjoaa merkittäväksi enintään 2179 osaketta 40 euron hintaan kappaleelta. Minimimerkintä on 5 kpl osakkeita eli 200 euroa. Annissa merkintöjä voivat tehdä niin yksityishenkilöt kuin yhteisötkin, niin... Read More →

Vesa Jääskö brings award-winning design to Runteq products


We are thrilled to announce award-winning designer Mr. Vesa Jääskö who will strengthen Runteq as product designer and concept developer.  Vesa will be responsible for the industrial and mechanical design of Runteq products. Vesa has previously worked as a designer, design manager and... Read More →

Let us make a great video together


Runteq introduces its first product for consumer market very soon. We are now setting up our pre-sales campaign onto an international crowdfunding site. A promo video is an essential part of that campaign. Are you expert in making promotional... Read More →

Dr Pekko Vehviläinen joins Runteq as advisor and shareholder


We are very proud to announce that Dr. Pekko Vehviläinen has agreed to join Runteq as an advisor and a shareholder. Dr. Vehviläinen broadens the perspective of the Runteq Advisory Board with his solid competence on digital health and... Read More →

Faster and Smarter


This is our first guest blog post.  Mr. Aki Ikäheimo kindly promised to tell about his training, motivation and his investment into Runteq Ltd.   Citius, Altius, Fortius Faster, Higher, Stronger as the Olympic motto says. Since the beginning... Read More →



What our customers tell

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Runteq Ltd is a sports technology start-up with new innovations for professional and recreational athletes. The company was founded in 2012 and operates in Tampere, Finland. The founders and partners have a strong background in information and communication technology with several years’ experience in international business. Our mission is to make the members of running world more aware of how they run and let them do it faster and smarter. Runteq Ltd has received R&D funding from Finnish Funding Agency for Technology and Innovation (TEKES) and Nokia Bridge program.

Core Team

Tommi Ojala
Founder and CEO
tel +358 50 562 0942
Juho Blankenstein
Partner and CTO
Risto Jurva
Partner and Head of Sales
tel +358 50 344 2611

Partners and Customers

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Runteq Ltd Visiting Address:

Regus Business Center, 3rd floor

Hatanpään valtatie 24

FIN-33100 TAMPERE, Finland

Official Address:

Piirukatu 18

FIN-33400 TAMPERE, Finland

Email: runteq@runteq.com

Phone: +358 50 562 0942

Business-ID: 2448922-6

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